Sunday Girl Eats

I’m not sure where my love of cooking stems from.  It’s a passion that I’ve cultivated over the past 8 years or so.  Maybe it’s the need to balance the methodical, over analytical, uptight left side of my brain or a way for me to escape.  There’s something comforting about cooking and baking, getting lost in stirring, whisking, chopping, smelling, tasting, dreaming up new ideas.  Just like a song takes you back in time to a certain place or person, food does the same for me.  The smell of cinnamon  instantly transports me to my Nana’s kitchen and the days when she would make her coveted cheese pie.  Food is a memory, a tradition, a way to join people together.

Cooking on Sundays, especially in the winter months, is my way of relaxing-my version of a lazy Sunday.  I love to try out new recipes or rework old ones.  It’s an adventure, and the kitchen is the one place that my type-A, perfectionist self stays under wraps.

I love to share whatever I make with friends and family nearby, and now with “Sunday Girl Eats”, I can share my recipes.  Enjoy!


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